Reopening with Resilience: Latin America and the Caribbean

Lessons from remote learning during COVID-19

Two girls color a book on their return to school


The implementation of remote learning in Latin America and the Caribbean during the COVID-19 school closures confirmed that the divide in access to electricity and technology remained a major hurdle for governments across the region to serve all children. School closures risk widening existing learning gaps as private schools were more prepared to use technology for remote learning and children from wealthier households received more support at home while schools were closed. As countries in the region reopen their schools, it is vital that governments incorporate key lessons learned to improve the resilience and equity of the education systems.

This report presents evidence on remote learning during the COVID-19 school closures in Latin America and the Caribbean to help guide decision-makers to build more effective, sustainable and resilient education systems for current and future crises.

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Javier Santiago Ortiz Correa; Marco Valenza; Vincenzo Placco; Thomas Dreesen
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English, Spanish

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