Leading Minds 2024: Climate action

Breaking the barriers and challenging the status quo

Women and girls walking with their buckets to fetch water in the inundated region of Geokaloi village in the Southern Pakistani province of Sindh.


Leading Minds harnesses the insight, foresight, and energy of youth, combining it with the wisdom and experience of world leaders to reimagine global leadership. The Leading Minds Fellowship on Climate provides a unique platform for young leaders to shape the agenda of the Leading Minds Conference 2024, focused on Climate Breakthroughs. 

Leading Minds Fellowship on Climate is an intensive, six-month fellowship programme designed to foster and harness the talents of young climate leaders aged 15-25. 

Participants are actively involved in identifying cutting-edge breakthroughs and solutions to drive impactful change in climate action and advocacy. 

By empowering these young leaders, we cultivate community-driven strategies to drive policy development, prioritize social equity within financial structures, advance renewable energy initiatives, advocate for environmental education as a catalyst for systemic change and chart the way for democratic governance to prepare and engage youth in building a sustainable future today. During the two months prior to the Leading Minds Conference, UNICEF’s Leading Minds Fellows on Climate Action worked to identify solutions, drive commitment, and inspire action within UNICEF and beyond.

The following publications have been prepared with Fellows as pre-conference materials that have helped shape the agenda and center the discussion around child rights and the role of young people in the climate space:

Discover youth insights on climate change and breakthrough solutions, and dive deeper through the following publications: 

  • Emerging Horizons: Youth Insights on Climate Change and Breakthrough Solutions: A synthesis report of the participatory workshop which informed the conference's key thematic areas.
  • Twelve Thought Pieces on Climate Activism: A collection of 12 personal narratives from Leading Minds Fellows on Climate about how the climate crisis affects them and what they are doing in their communities and at global level to drive change on the climate agenda.
  • Collapse, Compromise or Collective Action: Youth Stories on the Future of Climate Action: A collection of future-inspired stories informed by a Horizon scanning exercise aimed fostering innovation, enhancing preparedness, and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of climate change.  
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