Global Kids Online: Growing up in a connected world

How do children’s online experiences affect their rights and well-being?


How can we best advance children’s rights in the digital age? The starting point must be children themselves – asking about the barriers they face in accessing the internet, the opportunities they are discovering online, the digital skills they are acquiring and the risks of harm that they face.

The Global Kids Online network is committed to gathering the necessary evidence by listening to children and generating cross-nationally comparable and robust data that directly reflects children’s voices, experiences and concerns.

The findings presented here are based on survey results from more than 14,000 internet-using children across 11 countries. Given that our sample consists only of internet users, it is important to consider that internet access across the countries analysed in this report vary considerably; in some countries most children have internet access while in others they do not. We therefore cannot use these data to make inferences about the general child population in a given country.

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