Designing a Youth-centred Journey to the Future

A youth foresight playbook

A group of adolescent girls wearing brightly coloured saris in India playing in a field of yellow flowers


When we think about the future, we tend to think about children and youth as beneficiaries of the world we create. But this approach — regardless of good intentions — is a missed opportunity to learn from young people and co-design a future that better reflects their priorities.

This youth foresight playbook aims to facilitate a more inclusive approach by offering ways to engage youth as co-authors and co-owners in foresight and decision making.

Written for foresight practitioners and youth-focused and youth-led organizations, as well as think tanks and other UN agencies, Designing a Youth-centred Journey to the Future is hands-on toolkit developed to help make foresight more accessible to young people, and to transfer power to them through meaningful youth engagement principles.

This playbook includes inputs from young foresight practitioners around the world and offers readers:

  • An introduction to youth foresight
  • UNICEF Innocenti’s youth foresight journey to date
  • Insights from young people on leading their own foresight processes
  • Resources and opportunities to support your journey
  • A set of 12 worksheets offering tasks and activities you can use



This project is made possible with funding and enthusiastic support from United Nations Global Pulse and the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs, Finland. We are grateful for their continued partnership and commitment to youth participation and child rights.

Cover of the Youth Foresight Playbook, featuring a group of girls in India playing in a field of flowers
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