COVID-19: A spotlight on child data governance gaps

Issue brief | Policies to ensure protection and privacy

Seven-year-old girl is given a protective mask


This work is part of UNICEF's Good Governance of Children's Data project.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was hurtling down a path of rapid growth in technology. But since the pandemic took hold, technology has assumed an even more prominent role in children’s lives.

In this brief, we offer a glimpse into challenges related to the protection of children’s data during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlight some key policy issues that need to be addressed.

These challenges will continue into the foreseeable future unless we collectively articulate better that the world we want for children is one where their rights are respected, and data about them is safeguarded and is not exploited for commercial and other purposes.

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Linda Raftree, Emma Day and Jasmina Byrne
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