Handwashing with Ananse

Handwashing with Ananse is a three-chapter story and game experience centred on the popular Ghanaian folklore character Ananse. He often takes the form of a spider who likes to trick other people. In this game, Ananse has stolen all the knowledge about handwashing and hid it in his pockets. 


New report says around 85 million children under five live in 32 countries that do not offer families two years of free pre-primary education; paid breastfeeding breaks for new mothers for the first six months; and adequate paid parental leave – three critical policies to support children’s early brain development.


Call for Research Proposals – to join the Ghana Inclusive Development Research Network

The new Ghana Inclusive Development Research Network (GIDRN), hosted jointly by the University of Development Studies and UNICEF Ghana, aims to provide a multi-faceted platform for local researchers to increase their provision and impact of quality research on inclusive development through improved research capacity, networking, and policy engagement. 

It will offer an important opportunity for successful research teams to add to national evidence base on inclusive development; benefit from mentoring, training and networking on similar research; and to be connected into the policy dialogue on the challenge of promoting inclusive development.

Application Template Download Here

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