For every child, a chance to go to school and learn

Two schoolchildren learning to read in classroom


In spite of the progress Ghana has made in improving access to education for all, there are still challenges preventing thousands of children from going to school and learning. 

The school environment is usually not conducive to learning. Classes are overcrowded, water and sanitation facilities are inadequate and trained teachers and school books are in short supply. The poor quality of education is reflected in students’ results. Children living with disabilities face even more challenges and adolescent girls are often denied the chance to complete secondary education. 

Early Learning

Nearly 623,500 children of primary school age are still not enrolled in primary school and one out of four children in the kindergarten age range (from four to five years of age) are not in pre-school. According to the 2010 national census, 20 percent of children with physical disabilities are not attending school.

A young girl smiling on her way to school
Emmanuella Abban (4), a nursery school student of Etsiapa Memorial Methodist Primary School in Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana on her way to school on 21 May 2015.

Adolescent Girls in Education

Although Ghana has been successful at closing the gender gap when it comes to completing school at primary education level, it is still high at secondary level.  Research shows that adolescent girls are usually unable to get an education due to factors such as poverty, gender inequality and long distances from school.   

Inclusive Education

Children with disabilities often lose out on an education because they are ‘invisible’ in data and overlooked during the implementation of education programs. They are seldom counted as out-of-school or school going children. In the absence of conveniently located schools, disability-friendly infrastructure and learning environments, children with disabilities, have irregular attendance, long periods of absence and finally drop out.


Achieving a better learning environment for all

UNICEF is working with the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service and other partners to create a more child-friendly environment in schools so that all children can learn