"I miss playing with my schoolmates, that to me is the most important!"

Story of Borić family from the area hit by the earthquake

Marina Knežević Barišić
Mama Ružica i sin gabrijel
13 January 2021

"I play football, games and walk around the yard. I don't have any friends around, I had one  before, but that boy left. I'm fine here in the container. I'm warm and safe", nine-year-old Gabriel from Brest Pokupski shared with us when we asked him how he spends his days. His family's home was damaged in the earthquake. The damage is fortunately not irreparable, says Gabriel's mother Ružica.

Until they repair the cracked walls in the house, they can't feel safe and that's why their temporary home is now a residential container expanded with the help of tarpaulin. There are now six of them here, and her mother-in-law is, Ružica tells us, located in a barracks in Petrinja because it would be difficult for an elderly person to live in these conditions. They have electricity, so they use the oil radiator to heat the container-The part made of tarpaulins is heated with the help of a wood stove. The family received several UNICEF tarpaulins.

Thanks to the support of our donors, UNICEF delivered 13.5 tonnes of protective tarpaulins to the affected area shortly after the earthquake, intended for family homes, as well as public institutions damaged by the earthquake, to protect the assesrs from further destruction due to weather conditions.

Razgovor s obitelji
U razgovoru s obitelji koja je primila UNICEF-ove cerade.

"We are near our house and it is important to us that we are safe, because the youngest Gabriel got very scared. He's fine now, he senses the security here. Statisticians told us that our house was suitable for living, but that we had to repair these cracks as soon as possible so that they would not spread further. We're concerned about the impact of constant tremors. Gabriel got very scared and mostly because of him we will not force our return until the damage is repaired”,  Ružica told us.

Oštećena kuća
popucali zidovi u kući

Our two older sons, Gabriel and our nieces were, Ružica tells us, on the upper floor when the biggest earthquake hit the area on Tuesday December 29, around noon: "My older boys who are 18 and 19 were really calm. Gabriel was so scared, my brother-in-law carried him out. Then we took Grandma out. It was scary, really scary, but it's going to get better. We're safe and warm now."

Gabriel is looking forward to going back to school because he misses playing with his friends, and that to him is the most important.

"There are 17 of us in our class, and our teacher Dorotea is very kind. My favorite subjects are Croatian and English languages and Sports", Gabriel shared with us, adding that his favorite book so far was "Diary by Pauline P.", and that when he grows up he wants  wanted to be a policeman and a biker like his uncle.


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