Childhood Guardians

Regular donors are crucial to achieving results for children


Every child needs a home, a family, support, protection,... Childhood Guardians help make this possible!

Regular donors enable continuous implementation of UNICEF's programme and activities aimed at the wellbeing of children in Croatia. Their dedicated support also ensures swift delivery of humanitarian aid to children in crises around the world.

Unity is our strength – join us!  

Become a part of our Childhood Guardians community and set up regular donations via your current account or by credit card. Your contribution is crucial to achieving results for children and protecting their childhood!


Childhood Guardians contribute to important results for children

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Early development   

Since 2016, all maternity wards in Croatia are certified baby-friendly, and the number of breastfed babies leaving maternity wards has increased by 91-95%.  

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Family support

Thousands of parents have participated in “Growing Together” workshops and “Growing Together Plus” workshops for parents of children with disabilities.

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Child protection      

Equipment worth HRK 1 million was ensured to support foster families and associations.       

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Crisis assistance

A total of HRK 1.044.949 was ensured for humanitarian aid for children and families in Indonesia after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.


We need to ensure that no child is ever hungry, suffering or left behind. This is the world we want to create!

Lela, Childhood Guardian