About us

UNICEF is the global leader in the promotion and protection of the rights of children in 190 countries of the world, including Croatia. For 70 years, we have been committed to protecting the rights of the child.


UNICEF believes

The goal of UNICEF is to ensure that every child realises his or her rights to health care, education, protection and equality. Whoever that child might be. Wherever he or she lives. Every girl, every boy. We shall never give up on this goal, because every child deserves a childhood and an opportunity to fulfil his or her dreams.

In our work, we are guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (hyperlink to the convention) signed and ratified by almost all members of the United Nations.

Every girl and every boy have the right to achieve their full potential. We are here to support them. Great changes for children are not possible without cooperation with partners, which is why UNICEF is building partnerships as an important prerequisite for bringing about systematic change for the wellbeing of every child.