Evaluation of Child Advocacy Centres Supported by UNICEF Bulgaria

Аssessment of the model, its implementation, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability

Момиче жертва на сексуален тормоз и майка й


The purpose of the evaluation was to obtain an independent evaluation of the model and services provided by Child Advocacy Centres to child victims of violence and crimes and their families, which were established with UNICEF support in Sofia, Shumen and Montana regions. The evaluation was meant to be summative (backward-looking) to support enhanced accountability for development effectiveness and learning from experience. The main objectives were to assess and evaluate the model, its implementation, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability and, to the extent possible, its impact on children and parents. The evaluation also identifies and documents lessons learnt, including in terms of service design, scope of support provided, resourcing, implementation, reach and involvement of state partners (police, child protection system, educational system and health system). The report also provides recommendations for the process of institutionalizing and scaling up of the CAC model and services nationally, and for actions to ensure their quality and sustainable implementation in the future.

Оценка на детските центрове за застъпничество и подкрепа
Prof. Robin N. Haarr, Ph.D. Senior Consultant, UNICEF
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