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All aboard for a new life in Zambia

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There’s a buzz of excitement as hundreds of Congolese refugees look for seats on the minibuses that will take them further inside Zambia. As the 246 refugees take their places, conversations with friends and family continue through open bus windows – the Congolese hold hands and chat, while staff from UNHCR count numbers.

The people inside the buses and those waving them off are refugees recently arrived from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where violence over the last 12 months has driven over 15,000 refugees over the border into Zambia’s Nchelenge district, around 60 per cent of them children. Inside the DRC, over 800,000 children have been displaced.

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Analytical Brief of the Social Sector Budget 2018

This brief highlights the key issues from the budget for social sector and provides solid proposals on how public finances can work better especially for deprived and marginalized children.

It a joint publication between UNICEF Zambia and the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (a Ministry of Finance think tank).

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