Study on knowledge, attitudes and practices of parents/primary caregivers

The importance of play in early learning

A little girl wearing a red dress threw a tennis ball towards at stacked cans on a table with her granny instructing her from the side.
UNICEF/UNI520356/Lauren Rautenbach


The Department of Basic Education with the support of UNICEF has recognised the importance of play for early childhood care and education. This study aims to understand what parents’ knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAPs) are with regards to play in early learning – based on current knowledge that interactions between parent and child in the first years of life are especially important for early language, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. The data has informed the ‘Power of Play’ campaign to increase quality playtime between caregivers and children and will be used to inform programmes that aim to improve parent KAPs in this regard.

UNICEF South Africa and Department of Basic Education
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