Active learning at home #2

Grade R- 9 daily guides for parents to support and encourage children’s learning at home


Active Learning@Home is a partnership programme between the Department of Basic Education, UNICEF South Africa and the LEGO Foundation.

The Active learning@Home series consists information to parents (one page a day) of easy-to-do activities to keep children from Grade R to 9 learning and developing while not in school during the time while the country deals with the COVID-19. It focuses mainly on language and maths activities based on the CAPS, while making use of objects around the house.

# 2

Grade R: A house of words and shapes

Grade 1: r is for rock

Grade 2: Learning words and numbers in autumn is fun

Grade 3: Let's visit places in South Africa

Grade 4: Around my house

Grade 5: Around my house

Grade 6: Learning in the kitchen

Grade 7: Writing a story

Grade 8: Listen and count

Grade 9: Shapes are everywhere

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Department of Basic Education, UNICEF South Africa and the LEGO Foundation
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