#StayAtHome: Journals by children amid the COVID-19 pandemic - Blog 3

A special mini-series written by children for children

Sophia, Tudor & Andrada
23 March 2020
Hello everyone!
Today, Sophia, Tudor and Andrada, Children's Board's members, are recommending some of the books and movies that opened for them magic worlds and inspires them to be better, and in which the power of friendship overcomes any hurdles.
Pleasant reading at home!
UNICEF/ Sophia

Though changes in our daily routine may be unpleasant, it is important that we observe the rules imposed over this period of time and protect ourselves and those around us by keeping adequate hygiene standards and a healthy lifestyle. 

Sophia, 17, Bucharest

Though staying in may seem boring and lacking interesting activities, there are some methods to make time go faster. 

1. Read a book that was on your list, but you forgot about, or read again one that you enjoyed. 

2. If you are creative, practice your talent painting, drawing or making collages from old magazines. 

3. You may have fun redecorating or reorganising your bedroom, to create an even more enjoyable environment. 

4. If you have homework, pace yourself and do some every day, so that you won’t fall behind in the end. Also, if you know that you haven’t understood a chapter at some subject matter, now is the time to review the topic, so that you may find it easier when school starts again.

5. You may try to exercise at least 20 minutes a day, if the space allows, to use up some energy and feel revigorated.

6. Try to limit the time you spend in front of displays, but if you get bored, watching a movie or a series may help you get past that state.

7. You may keep in touch with your friends by messaging or via social media that also allow you to see each other. 

Arhiva personală

“Percy Jackson” is a book that inspires me greatly! A book from which, without even realising, you learn about the Greek mythology, through Percy’s adventures. Greek mythology left me gobsmacked, for it is amazing.

Tudor, 12, Popricani-Iași

Here are some recommended movies, TV series and books:

- “Harry Potter” (films/books), because it is a fascinating, and indeed very thrilling, life story! The book kept me spellbound by the power of friendship between children who help each other very much.

Other suggestions are “The Lord of the Rings” (films/books), “Oscar and the Lady in Pink” (book), “Jane Eyre” (book) and “Game of Thrones” (books/TV series)”

- I also like “Stranger Things” (series). Friendship strikes again in “Stranger Things” – the five children fight dark forces to bring good on Earth. We start at five and end up with eight. An enthralling series, I couldn’t say more about it!

- “Narnia” (books), “Challenger Deep” (book), “Mrs Doubtfire” (book)

- “Pet Sematary” (film), “The Kid Who Would Be King” (film). That’s about all that I recommend. Enjoy reading and watching!

Arhiva personală

When time passes too slowly and homework becomes tedious, I recommend that you watch again at the cartoons we all grew up with. A variety of “old” movies and series are available online.

Andrada, 15, Vaslui

Here are some examples:

- “Wizards of Waverly Place” (old but gold) (series)

- “High School Musical” (film)

- “Jessie” (series)

- “Good Luck Charlie” (series)

- “Dog with a Blog” (series)

- “Stranger Things” (series)

- “Kim Possibile” (series)

- “Starstruck” (film)

- “Lemonade Mouth” (series)

- “Twitches” (film)

- “HANNAH MONTANA” (the best 😭)

- “Gumball”