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In Namibia, a new mother brings early childhood development to her community - by Tapuwa Loreen Mutseyekwa

MASIDA VILLAGE, 25 April 2017 – The year 2013 was a positive turning point for Vivian Ndungati from Masida village, in north-east Namibia’s Zambezi Region. At the age of 23, Vivian gave birth to her first child and soon discovered a passion for helping children get a good start in life. 

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#foreverychild, HOPE

Livey Van Wyk, 31, has come a long way from being a pregnant and HIV-positive teenager to becoming a fulfilled mother and an influential and inspiring young mayor who is the pride of her native #Namibia. Her life tells a powerful story of courage and hope, in which UNICEF played a crucial role to help her not only survive, but also thrive.

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