UNICEF’s Young Reporters: Help Your Grandma and Grandpa Stay Home!

In video clips posted on social networks, UNICEF's Young Reporters ask their peers to help the elderly stay home by regularly delivering groceries to their grandparents

Jelena Perovic
Mladi reporter pere ruke
UNICEF Crna Gora / Duško Miljanić / 2020
31 March 2020

Podgorica, 27 MARCH 2020 – As part of the Institute for Public Health’s #StayHome campaign, UNICEF’s Young Reporters have posted short videos on social networks, asking their peers to help the elderly stay home by regularly delivering groceries to their grandparents.   

Emir Dresevic’s clip shows him leaving a bag of groceries on his grandmother’s doorstep and calling her on the phone afterwards to let her know.

“I am glad I can be of use and help my grandmother and grandfather by leaving bags with groceries at their door. I miss them, but it’s best to stay home now. We, the young ones, who are more immune, should be going to the pharmacies and shops for them,” says Emir.

UNICEF Montenegro

Global experiences with coronavirus suggest that the elderly are most at risk. To protect her grandfather from coronavirus, Lara Bulatovic regularly does the shopping for him and leaves the bags at his door. Her video depicts her doing that.

“During the coronavirus threat, it is the young people who should be going to the shops and pharmacies and leaving the groceries on people’s doorsteps. In that way they are protecting their elderly family members who may not have strong immune systems and whose lives may be in danger due to this disease,” says Lara.

UNICEF Montenegro

Jovana Vujovic's video also shows her helping her grandmother stay home.

“Even before the coronavirus scare, I used to do the shopping for her. Now it is truly important and I am happy to do it, in particular when I consider that this is a way to help save my grandma's life,” Jovana explains.


UNICEF Montenegro

Other Young Reporters will be posting their videos in the coming days, promoting social distancing and calling on everyone to stay home.   

The Young Reporters are UNICEF’s volunteers who are promoting media literacy and child rights in Montenegro in the media campaign titled “Let’s Choose What We Watch”. Their work was recognized by UNESCO last year, when it awarded the Global Media Literacy Award to UNICEF Montenegro for this initiative.