26 school psychologists will become facilitators under the parental education program CONECT - Adolescence Comprehensible to Parents

04 March 2021
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26 school psychologists from Chisinau municipality and Singerei district will become facilitators under CONECT - Adolescence Comprehensible to Parents Program. During the training held from 2 to 31 March, the professionals will learn how to work with adolescents’ parents.

CONECT - Adolescence Comprehensible to Parents is a parental education program designed for adolescents’ parents. It is implemented by the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention (NCCAP), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECR) and with Education Divisions of Chisinau and Singerei as part of ‘Responsible Parenting for a Safe Adolescence’ Project, with the support of UNICEF Moldova. This activity contributes to the implementation of Intersectorial Strategy for the Development of Parental Skills and Competencies and is stated in MECR Roadmap for 2021-2023 ‘Ensure a protective environment for children’, approved in January 2021.

The trainings of the 26 psychologists are facilitated by the program authors: NCCAP President, psychologist Daniela Simboteanu, Romanian psychotherapist Sorina Petrica, and psychologist Victoria Gonta.

CONECT is a program anchored in the needs of adolescents’ parents from the Republic of Moldova. This program addresses the challenges encountered by adolescents’ parents and gives them the needed tools in order to prevent their children from getting into risky situation’, says NCCAP President Daniela Simboteanu.

Coordinator of programs for adolescents and young people in UNICEF Moldova, Alex Petrov, reiterated the importance of parental education programs in our country.

‘Together with nongovernmental orgnisations we try to implement certain international programs at the regional level, which would help the Republic of Moldova and children/adolescents from this country have a better life, be healthier, happier and better educated’, underlined Alex Petrov.

In his turn, the head of General Education Division of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Valentin Crudu, said that ‘CONECT Program will bring value added to the education sector and will contribute to the implementation of the 2021-2022 Action Plan of MECR implementing the Intersectorial Strategy for the Development of Parental Skills and Competencies.  This Action Plan envisages parental education activities for a number of stakeholders, and another important point refers to training for teachers and psychologists’.

Upon training completion, the 26 psychologists will present the CONECT Program to almost 400 parents and caregivers of adolescents from Chisinau municipality and Singerei district in order to develop their parental competencies. During April-May, about 20 groups of parents will be set up and will participate in 15 trainings under CONECT Program.

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