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The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused much worry around the world but this is made worse by the spread of fake news. In times of a pandemic, fake news can go from being annoying to dangerous when people, fearful and desperate for information, follow the wrong advice.

In Malaysia, the government has implemented movement controls to slow the spread and is taking firm action to stop fake news. Staying home can be difficult for many reasons: some may not have access to clean water, adequate food supply; some may live in unsafe environments; and some may experience mental health issues.

UNICEF will continue to provide information, news and resources here, as well as links to credible resources on WHO, and the Malaysian Ministry of Health. You can do your part by only sharing information from trusted sites, and correct those you know who are sharing unverified news.

Updated: 9 April 2020.


We need to work together to fight this global pandemic. 

At last count, UNICEF has shipped more than 4.27 million gloves, 573,300 surgical masks, 98,931 N95 respirators, 156,557 gowns and 12,750 goggles to help countries respond to the pandemic. 

Today, more than ever, we need your help in responding to this pandemic. UNICEF is appealing for RM2.8 billion (US$651.6 million) to further scale up its global humanitarian response in containing COVID-19, to provide critical health prevention supplies, public health education, as well as education, child protection and social service support to the affected countries.

We will continue to raise and direct resources to affected countries. With your and more donors’ support, UNICEF will able to secure key health supplies for the frontliners from April to June, such as 26.9 million surgical masks, 4.8 million respirator masks, 6 million coveralls, 1.5 million goggles, etc.

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