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A hub for parenting tips in the midst of COVID-19

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Parenting during COVID-19 has brought new challenges and opportunities to the fore. To navigate the changing environment, these parenting resources have been created in collaboration with the World Health OrganizationUNICEF, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, the Internet of Good ThingsUSAID and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are available for free. 

Currently available in English and Malay. More will be added as they become available. 



1. Tipsheet 1: One on one time

2. Tipsheet 2: Keeping it positive

3. Tipsheet 3: Structure up

4. Tipsheet 4: Dealing with bad behaviour

5. Tipsheet 5: Keep calm and manage stress

6. Tipsheet 6: Talking about COVID-19

7. Tipsheet 7: Keeping children safe online

8. Tipsheet 8: Family budgeting in times of financial stress

9. Tipsheet 9: Family harmony at home

10. Tipsheet 10: Learning through play

11. Tipsheet 11: When we get angry

12. Tipsheet 12: Parenting in crowded homes and communities


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One on one time

one on one time tip sheet

Keeping it positive

Keeping it positive tipsheet (En)

Structure up

Structure up (en)

Dealing with bad behaviour

bad behaviour (en)

Keep calm and manage stress

manage stress (en)

Talking about COVID-19

Talking abt covid

Keeping children safe online

safe online tipsheet

Family budgeting in times of financial stress

family budgeting

Family harmony at home

family harmony

Learning through play

learning thru play

When we get angry

get angry

Parenting in crowded homes and communities

crowded homes


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