Review and apply for our latest procurement tenders

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Supplies are essential to fulfill children’s rights. Supporting child survival and development programmes around the world, UNICEF-procured supplies are critical in providing for children’s health, education and protecting them from abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

In order to carry out our work for children, we need the assistance of quality service providers, vendors, and suppliers. Check back periodically for our newest open tenders and see if your business suits our needs. 

Call for proposals

We currently have no open call for proposals. Please check back later.


Invitations to bid

Bid no and description Deadline  Link to TOR
Bid No. LRPS-2019-9148752/ Premium Gifts supplier under Long Term Arrangments to provide premium gifts for use by UNICEF Malaysia. 1500 hrs (Malaysia local time) 30 May 2019

Full TOR


LRPS No.9148703/ In-House Donor Management and donor Acquisition through Telemarketing

1500 hrs (Malaysia local time) 17 May 2019  Full TOR

All applications need to be in via email before the deadline above. All applications need to have the requisite forms duly filled. Please see forms under heading: Invitations to bid forms available on our Forms page.

If vendors have any queries related to Bid, please send the same through e-mail to Saiful Mohd Ariff at smohdariff@unicef.org and cc to jlim@unicef.org; latest by 1200 hrs on 20 May 2019.

Request for quotation

We currently have no open requests for quotations. Please check back later.


Expressions of interest

(REOI –MLY-2019-001-)

UNICEF Malaysia Country Office is reviewing its supplier database used for invitation of bids/request for proposal. Interested suppliers and service providers, including manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, research institutions, management and other consulting firms are invited to submit Expressions of Interest for various supplies and services.

To find out more about the services we require, please see the full REOI document

If interested, please fill the necessary forms available here and send it to us at mlya-procurement@unicef.org no later than 20 May 2019 9 June 2019 (extended)..

For any queries related to this EOI, please send an email to ktotakhail@unicef.org clearly indicating in the subject line the EOI Reference: (REOI –MLY-2018-001-).  Any such queries should reach the UNICEF office no later than 1600 hrs on 10 May 2019.