Tips for social workers & social welfare practitioners

Protecting children during COVID-19

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Simplified guidance for remote case management, packaged into digestible ‘bites’ that can be disseminated easily online. These tips focus on case management[1]  to protect children from violence including VAC prevention and response and mental health care in the context of COVID-19. The tips provide guidance for how to ensure such case management in circumstances when face-to-face engagement  with the child and their family is constrained due to risks of transmission. The tips are designed specifically for social workers and social welfare professionals and are meant to aid them in carrying out case management functions in the constrained environment of COVID-19. They were created by Maestral International in collaboration with UNICEF and the Malaysian Association of Social Workers.

All tips are available in a PDF booklet that is free for download. 

You can also download a Reader accessible Word Document version by clicking here.

Currently available in English with Malay


1.       Identifying children and families at risk

2.       Assessing children and families at risk

3.       Providing Psychosocial Support

4.       Managing Stress and Mental Health

5.       Staying Safe when there is a Risk of Violence

6.       Safety Planning

7.       Virtual Monitoring

8.       Care Centres: Keeping children and staff safe during the COVID-19 Crisis

9.       Reunifying children from residential care centres with their families

10.     Young people leaving residential care centres


[1] 4Children (2019). Standard Operating Procedures for Case Management.

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Maestral, UNICEF, & the Malaysian Association of Social Workers
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