The Coronavirus and young people

Resource page for the concerns of young people in light of the outbreak.

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COVID-19 is a global emergency unlike anything young people have had to grapple with in recent years. With numbers of cases continuing to soar, schools closing, and movement control implemented in Malaysia, both young people and their caregivers may be at a loss at how to handle the changes and challenges faced daily.

Though the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are most vulnerable, young people are also at risk of contracting and transmitting the virus. The closure of schools impacts their education and ability to have daily interactions with peers. Disruptions to formal and informal work are creating new pressures on livelihoods including amongst youth. Such public health crises will also worsen existing vulnerabilities, access to care services, and inequalities, particularly for women and girls.

Here you will find articles on how to cope, available support lines and other information that may prove useful for young people as we weather the outbreak.

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COVID-19 and mental health

The pandemic can and will cause hardship for young people. Here are some practical things you can do to help yourself cope.