How are YOU spending time at home?

A video challenge for young people in Malaysia

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24 April 2020

@KitaConnect launched a challenge calling on all youth to share videos on how they’ve been spending their time at home during MCO. We received a range of incredible videos from the @KitaConnect youth, including how ther were keeping active and entertaining siblings.

Check out two awesome videos from Mohd Hanif and Nurul Batisrya.

Mohd Hanif

Mohd Hanif

Mohd Hanif, 17 showed us how his card skills developed the longer he practised at home! The MCO has been a real change for many young people but there are things you can still learn and talents you can grow even at home!

I made this kind of video during this harsh time to make people believe that not everything happens right now is bad because there’s always something positive in everything that we do. I can conclude that people tend to complain that they were bored and have nothing to do during this MCO. But if you really use all the time wisely, I’m pretty sure that you can become something that you never expected to be after this MCO.

Mohd Hanif, 17

Nurul Batrisya

Nurul Batrisya

Nurul Batrisya, 17, has a message for teens at home during Movement Control in Malaysia. Be proud of yourself, now, because by staying home - you're making a difference! Watch the full video for all she has to say.

I feel like many teenagers nowadays tend to downgrade themselves and always feel like they’re not good enough. I wanted to share some words of encouragement and show people that it is not that hard to support others and keep them going, even if it’s indirectly. You never know what type of battle people are fighting, there needs to be more positive messages shared around especially during this time.

Nurul Batrisya, 17

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This is YOUR opportunity to get involved and make this MCO exciting for your friends! To help your friends who might be feeling lonely and bored, why don’t you volunteer to conduct an event online - this could be a cooking tutorial, an exercise session, or even an online karaoke jam session! Let us help you organise this! If you are interested in volunteering, let us know what kind of session you would like to do and we will be in touch. Click on either links below to share your ideas:



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