Our work in Liberia


Child, maternal and neonatal health

With the aim of ensuring no child or mother dies of preventable causes, UNICEF is working to increase access to healthcare services for all. UNICEF supports efforts to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV, reduce child and maternal deaths, and prevent deaths from vaccine preventable diseases.


Combating malnutrition

UNICEF is working to prevent children and mothers from suffering from malnutrition, by promoting improved nutrition
intake or treatment for those suffering from malnutrition,
and preventing health effects or deaths. 


Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

UNICEF's WASH interventions help increase children’s access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. 


Basic education

Accelerating improvements in access to quality
education for all children is one
of the most urgent priorities
for UNICEF in Liberia. 


Child protection

UNICEF works to improve the policies and services that protect and empower children and youth in Liberia. We aim to make Liberia a safe and inclusive place for children to grow.