Where we work

Whether at home, in school or in the community, UNICEF works to protect the rights of every child across Liberia.

UNICEF/Liberia 2019/Khan

Giving a fair chance in life to every child, everywhere – especially the poorest and most vulnerable – is the focus of our country programme in Liberia.

UNICEF works at the national level to strengthen government planning, policy development and legislation. When well executed and coordinated, these elements provide an overall ‘enabling environment’ for realizing children and women’s rights.

This ‘upstream’ work is complemented by ‘downstream’ activities that focus on strengthening government systems at the county, district level, as well improving implementation and public use of health, education, child protection and social protection programmes in counties, districts and communities.

UNICEF focuses its support and resources to improve the situation of children and women across Liberia, with the specific focus on reaching those most disadvantage or furthest behind. This includes rural areas where more than 70 per cent of the population lives in poverty; the south-eastern part of Liberia, which has the highest poverty levels of all regions; and in the urban slums of the country’s capital, Monrovia, where social inequalities are particularly pronounced.