Innovative early childhood learning and education

A look at experiences from seven countries in Latin American and the Caribbean

Para la Fundación Patio Vivo, el patio es una variable muchas veces invisibilizada, que debería ser un lugar de reunión, juego y recreación para todos.
Patio Vivo/Chile/2019


In recent years, young children and their families have been exposed to a lack of early childhood development services, as well as to the learning crisis that we are witnessing in the region. That is why it is urgent to implement the necessary innovative approaches and programs that allow all young girls and boys to fulfil their right to education guaranteed from the beginning of life, especially those who are in the most vulnerable contexts.

In this publication we present seven innovative early childhood education experiences from: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru, which inspire us and provide examples of how education programs should respond and adapt to the contexts and reduce inequality gaps.

To find out to what extent these experiences have been innovative, we analyze them through five dimensions: i) institutional strength, ii) context, iii) educational experience, iv) evidence and knowledge management, and v) advocacy and scalability.

Documenting, systematizing, and learning about the effectiveness of innovations in early childhood education allows us to advance in access, quality and guarantee of rights so that everyone has the best and fairest start in life.


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