21 November 2023

Learning Passport Mexico

  Learning Passport Mexico is a platform for teaching and learning that offers educational content, primarily tailored for secondary school students. The implementation of the Learning Passport unfolds progressively in distinct phases. Each phase is associated with extending coverage to diverse schools and subsystems across Mexico's regions.…, How did Learning Passport Mexico start?, In October 2021, UNICEF Mexico, in collaboration with the Undersecretary of Higher Secondary Education and the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV), launched the Learning Passport Mexico platform. This initiative was aimed at addressing the learning loss resulting from widespread school…, Courses and content, Jovenes escribiendo y coloreando en sus cuadernos UNICEF/UN0703454/Mussapp The courses encompass a wide range of digital content including interactive activities, videos, audio files, games, readings, infographics, exercises, and curricular content. Each Learning Passport course features an initial diagnostic assessment and a concluding evaluation…, Teacher training and ongoing support, The training process aims to enable teachers to effectively incorporate Learning Passport into their classes and track students' progress within the platform. This training also addresses the different steps of the registration process, the creation of individual classroom groups and troubleshooting for technical problems that may arise when using…, Modes of Utilizing the Learning Passport, A key aspect of the LP is its versatility, enabling educators to adapt its use to specific classroom contexts and the discrete learning needs of their students. For instance, teachers can select particular courses to support students with weaker academic performance, reinforcing their learning, and provide intensive remedial classes for students…, As a flexible teaching tool, Course content and exercises are used to design lesson plans.   Course activities are integrated into classroom teaching.  Students are encouraged to take specific courses to review what they have learned. , As a study resource for exams, It contains resources that help students prepare for mid-term or final exams.  It helps students build upon their earlier learning experiences and link them with their current studies.  It allows students to thoroughly review key concepts, test their understanding, and fine-tune their knowledge in preparation for midterm and final exams.  , As a tool for academic recovery and tutoring support, It tracks students' progress on the platform.   It provides unique insights into individual learning journeys   It facilitates tailored support and guidance from educators  It enables timely learning interventions and adjustments to optimize academic growth , Future actions, Starting in 2023, Mexico will pioneer the offline implementation of the Learning Passport, making it the first country to do so in the LAC region. This will involve working with official Learning Passport offline devices that establish connectivity in schools across nine Mexican states and expanding the possibilities for children and adolescents…, Explore our Learning Passport Mexico resources, Learning Passport Mexico Case Study   Mexico Learning Passport Research Brief