Formative Learning Assessment in Contexts of Remote Provision of Educational Services in LAC

Literature review, guidelines and tools

Kyara Cascante (16) vive dentro del bosque tropical húmedo en la montaña. Es estudiante y champion del Acuerdo de Escazú. Lucha por preservar la naturaleza porque las altas emisiones de carbono están contaminando el aire que respiramos.


This publication seeks to identify a series of considerations and approaches that should inform government decision-making regarding policies and procedures for the formative assessment of students in the context of remote (or hybrid) provision of educational services.

Therefore, it is intended to inform and provide inputs for their deliberation when preparing guidelines and procedures to support teachers and others responsible for conducting formative assessment to measure the outcomes of the teaching–learning process. Such assessments are also valuable for collecting evidence that can be used to adjust practices linked to remote provision of education, taking into account students’ diverse circumstances and living conditions, with emphasis on the most vulnerable

A female student wearing a mask in an empty classroom in Panama City, Panama
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