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UNICEF is helping vulnerable children stay warm this winter

Claire McKeever
A baby in her mother's arms
01 February 2019

UNICEF is helping vulnerable children stay warm this winter by distributing winter clothing kits to children aged 0-18, while also empowering refugee women and youth in camps to learn new skills on the tailoring production line. 

Across the region and in Jordan, unpredictable weather, including storms, snow and flooding, is causing havoc and threatening families’ safety and livelihoods. 

I like it because its Syrians helping each other. I consider the Syrian people as one big family. 

Rania, mother of 3

In Za’atari Refugee Camp, young tailoring graduates are putting their newly-acquired skills on the UNICEF-supported Production Line. The workshop, implemented by UNICEF partner NRC, is producing over 1,000 baby winter clothing kits in 2019 to be distributed by UNICEF and partners to the most marginalized children in Jordan, and to the extremely vulnerable population of Syrians in Rukban - a settlement in southern Syria at the border with Jordan, who are suffering from harsh winter conditions.


Pieces of cloth are cut in a workshop
The cloth for the baby winter kits are cut in Za'atari
A woman tailoring a baby jumpsuit
Rania, a mother of 3, makes the winter baby kit

“Today I stitched a heart on a baby kit. As I did it, I was hoping for safety for all the children in the world, and for Syrian children to live in peace," says Rania on the Production Line.

She thinks about the Syrian mother who will receive the baby winter kit as she lovingly stitches a heart into the dark blue jumpsuit. She has a message for her:

I am one mother out of many mothers in the camp. I would like to give you this item as a gift. Maybe it will help you, so your child can feel the warmth that is missing in your camp.

Rania, mother of 3


One week later in Rukban, Fasel brings her daughter Hala, 3 months old, to the UN-supported clinic for treatment. 

Hala has spent the entirety of her short life in Rukban settlement. 

“It’s cold,” her mother explains, rubbing the thin blanket covering her baby between her fingers. “We only have light blankets like this one. I’m worried about my children because they’re sick. They’re all coughing because of the cold. I really need warm clothes for my baby.”


A woman holds her baby facing another woman
Fasel with her 3-month old baby Hala at a UN-supported clinic
A baby in her mother's arms
Baby Hala in her new warm jumpsuit made in Za'atari

I am very happy with the clothes for my baby. Now she will feel warm.

Fasel, mother

UNICEF’s emergency response gives hope to vulnerable children during the dark and cold winter months and provides a safety net for families who are struggling on a daily basis to survive.

Thanks to the generosity of European Union – Humanitarian Aid, UNICEF Jordan supports vulnerable children to survive and thrive.