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Healthy lives, quality education, protection from harm, opportunities to learn skills and engage positively in society, and a fair chance to be the best they can be.  


27 Nov 2018 UNICEF and Ministry of Labour engage private sector to promote youth economic engagement in Ma'an
20 Nov 2018 
UNICEF and NCFA celebrate World Children’s Day as Jordan Goes Blue for Child Rights
US$46.2 million grant from the United States enables UNICEF to sustain crucial services for the most vulnerable children in Jordan
01Oct2018 Model Inclusive Schools Helping Build a Fairer Society in Jordan
UNICEF Ambassador Zade Dirani launches world’s first music therapy programme for children in refugee camps
Government of the Republic of Korea contributes US$ 600,000 to UNICEF for the Makani programme
Jordan University for Science and Technology and UNICEF partnership to explore innovative solutions to address Jordan’s water and wastewater challenges
5Aug2018 معهد الإعلام الأردني واليونيسف يطلقان "جائزة صحافة الطفل 
14May2018 More children in Jordan back to learning thanks to US$5.8 million funding from Norway to UNICEF 
9 May2018 UNICEF and Generations For Peace Expand Maharati Programme to reach 188 Jordan Youth Centres 
9May2018 Over 400 youth graduate from ‘Amaluna’ - UNICEF supported vocational training programme in Jordan
3May2018 Environment friendly and cost efficient water and sanitation network in Za’atari camp
3May2018 Start-Up Za’atari’ celebrates innovation and enterprising spirit of Syrian refugee youth

30Apr2018 Winter cash assistance helps Syrian children wrap up warm 
25Apr2018 Government of Japan grants US$2 million to UNHCR and UNICEF for vital medical services to crisis-affected Syrians in Jordan 
24Apr2018 إدارة حماية الأسرة تفتتح فرعاً جديدا في عجلون لدعم الأطفال والنساء الناجين من العنف / Family Protection Department opens new center in Ajloun to support child and women survivors of violence
28Mar2018 Government and civil society launch a 3-year National Action Plan to End Physical Violence Against Children in Jordan
25Feb2018 UNICEF assessment shows 85 per cent of Syrian refugee children in host communities live in poverty
14Dec2017 UNICEF: Make the digital world safer for children – while increasing online access to benefit the most disadvantaged
11Dec2017  Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science supporting UNICEF for education and skills training for vulnerable children and youth in Jordan
20 Nov 2017 “Children takeovers and a child rights song” – Jordan celebrates World Children’s Day 2017 
15Oct2017 UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Muzoon Almellehan returns to Jordan to meet Syrian refugees striving to get an education
UNICEF and private sector companies in Jordan discuss youth empowerment strategies for employment
04Oct2017 Government of Japan grants US$3.5 million to UNHCR and UNICEF Jordan for continued assistance to crisis affected Syrians
26Sep2017 “Nashatati” After School Programme to reach thousands of students across Jordan
13Sep2017 UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra meets with Syrian children and youth in Jordan
28Aug2017 NAF, EU and UNICEF partner to strengthen social protection system for the most vulnerable children
22Aug2017 MOSD, UNICEF initiates discussion with experts on a national strategy on foster care for children without parental care
20Aug2017 NCFA & UNICEF urges for a stronger role of the media in ending violence against children in Jordan 
14Aug2017 Jordan celebrates International Youth Day with dynamic young men and women innovators
10Aug2017 KOICA grants US$6 million to UNICEF for improved access for vulnerable children in Jordan to health, protection and education services
25Jul2017 NCFA and UNICEF convenes strategic meeting towards creating a protective environment for all children in Jordan 
24Jul2017 Australia grants additional AU$13 million to UNICEF in expanding access to education for vulnerable children in Jordan
13Jul2017 Louis Vuitton joins UNICEF in appealing for support to children affected by the Syrian crisis
11Jul2017 Thousands of children in Jordan attending ‘Summer Schools’ to compensate for missed school days
10Jul2017 Jordan's Ministry of Education and UNICEF launches plan to universalize access to kindergarten (KG2)
28Jun2017 Government of Spain contributes €600,000 to UNICEF for child protection programmes in Jordan 
23May2017 French Ambassador meets girls and boys at the Baqa ‘Makani’ Centre
22May2017 MoSD and UNICEF signs agreement for improving protection services for all children in Jordan
06May2017 HRH Princess Iman honours girls and boys excelling in community service projects in Jordan 
11Apr2017 NCFA and UNICEF present initiatives to end violence against children in Jordan
25Mar2017 Tech Tribes and UNICEF hosts Jeel962 forum on using technology for youth to advance the SDGs in Jordan
23Mar2017 UNICEF partners young people in Jordan in generating evidence and youth-led action in communities
22Mar2017 NCFA and UNICEF releases Study on Journalists’ Practices on Child Protection Issues in Jordan 
28Feb2017 Education Ministry-UNICEF reaches thousands of out-of-school children in Jordan in second wave of registration
16Feb2017   MoE, Orange and UNICEF launches digital learning programme in public schools in Jordan 
16 Feb 2017 
EU grants 4.4 million Euros to support the most urgent needs of vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Jordan through UNICEF

Studies / reports

Situation of Children in Jordan

Jordan has a population of 7.5 million including 2.9 million children under 18 years of age. Having ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1991, Jordan has been one of the model countries in the region in protecting and promoting the rights of children. 


Innovating for children


THE MAKANI – MY SPACE HOLISTIC APPROACH:  90,000 girls and boys currently out of any form of education and exposed to high risks of child labour exploitation and early marriage, are provided with access to alternative education, 200,000 receive psychosocial support and 58,000 access life skills training.  “I am safe, I learn, I connect” 

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