The pandemic through the eyes of children and adolescents in Chile

Experiences and opinions about COVID-19

portada pandemia voces


It is evident that for some boys and girls the pandemic was a positive instance by providing them with protection in their homes and the opportunity to do new things, get closer to their family and discover interests; but it also (and to a greater extent) brought with it harmful aspects due to isolation, which enhanced negative emotional states that harmed their mental health at a stage of life where socialization occurs mainly outside the home and interactions with peers become relevant. . Words such as fear, anxiety and depression emerged in the dialogue when investigating their emotional states and sensations they had during confinement. These emotions have an impact on their well-being to this day, although some can be identified and interpreted as a consequence of what they have experienced.

Another relevant aspect, as a result of the closure of schools, were the difficulties in understanding and learning that online classes brought with them, which also made it difficult to interact with their teachers and socialize with their classmates, which strengthened relationships in spaces virtual and social networks.

Social gaps increased and latent aspects of rights violations became visible to a large extent. In the speeches, extensive knowledge of different issues that affect society and concerns beyond the health crisis (economic, environmental, labor situation) is observed.

portada pandemia
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