Landscape Analysis of Overweight and Obesity in Indonesia

A comprehensive overview of overweight and obesity in Indonesia

Elementary School students in Klaten, Central Java, eating and drinking snacks


Overweight and obesity are a growing public health concern in Indonesia, where they add to longstanding issues of undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies in what has been termed a “triple burden of malnutrition”. Individuals affected by overweight and obesity are at much greater risk of suffering from a wide range of psycho-social and health issues, including non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and some types of cancer.

The Landscape Analysis of Overweight and Obesity in Indonesia report provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation, trends, and risk factors for overweight and obesity in Indonesia, focusing on children, adolescents and adults, and accounting for differences across genders and geographies. The report also incorporates an in-depth analysis of the policies and programmes currently in place in Indonesia, the level of political commitment and awareness, and current evidence gaps. The document also presents policy and programmatic recommendations developed in consultation with government partners and other stakeholders.

UNICEF Indonesia
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