Healthy Family Eating: Nutritious Recipes from the Archipelago for the Family

A collection of Indonesian food recipes that are varied, rich in taste and full of nutrition will help to increase the body's resistance of all family members

A boy sits at home surrounded by his favourite foods


Indonesian food that is rich in taste can also be given to children from a young age. In addition to the fresh ingredients, ranging from fish, vegetables, to grains, the variety of flavors gives children the opportunity to learn different flavors and textures of food. With food that is varied and rich in taste, nutrient-rich Indonesian food helps to increase the resilience of the family's body and eliminate boredom from the family eating routine so that the relationship between family members is also getting closer.

During the first 1,000 days nutritious foods can help your toddler stay healthy and prevent stunting – a condition that stunts a child's growth (shortness), frequent illness and long-term effects on intelligence. Remember that the future of children's nutrition begins before they are born, so pregnant women must consume foods with balanced nutrition.

Hopefully these recipes can help your family enjoy the moment of eating with family while meeting the nutritional needs of children with varied foods.


The recipes are only available in Bahasa Indonesia

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