Child Marriage in Indonesia

Latest statistics of child marriage in Indonesia

UNICEF Indonesia/2015/Nick Baker


In the past 10 years, the practice of child marriage in Indonesia has decreased by 3.5 percentage points. However, this is still relatively slow and a systemic and integrated effort is needed to achieve the target of 8.74 percent in 2024 and to 6.94 percent in 2030.

The Report of Child Marriage Prevention compiled by BPS together with technical assistance from UNICEF and PUSKAPA UI updates child marriage data and relevant socio-economic factors such as education, health, social protection, and employment, as input inreference the formulation of marriage prevention policies and strategies child.

Child Marriage Report and National Strategy are only available in Bahasa.

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UNICEF Indonesia, BPS, PUSKAPA UI, Kementerian PPN/ Bappenas

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