Six tips for adolescents for building better relationships with parents

A checklist for teenagers to connect better with their parents and caregivers

Fourteen-year-old Payal Ben with her father Budiya Ujmubhai in Banaskantha district in western Indian state of Gujarat.
28 June 2022

The teenage years can be challenging in many ways. Academic stress, peer pressure and emotional and hormonal changes are some of the issues that mark these foundational years. This will help them effectively navigate this challenging period of life.  
Here is a checklist for teenagers to connect better with their parents and caregivers

It is important that teenagers build active communication channels with adults – parents, teachers and relatives.

  • As adolescents/teenagers you may be experiencing lot of changes. During this transition, it is good to have a parent or adult’s help, advice, and support.  
  • In case you have a query or confusion, it is your right to ask and get help from parents, trusted family members or friend, counsellors in schools, doctors and other health service providers.   
  • Spend one-to-one time with your parents.  
  • Do things together that both you and your parents enjoy. Go for a walk. Work out together. Cook, eat, play, make music, help out, or just hang out together. 
  • Talk about everyday stuff with your parents and do it every day. Talking to the adults in your life about everyday stuff builds a bond. 

If things feel strained between you and your parent, ease into it. Watch a funny movie together to share a laugh.