Private sector partnerships

UNICEF works with private sector partners in India to achieve results for children.

Tahera Yusuf, an Aanganwadi worker conducts a session on Early Childhood Education (ECE) while children react during an activity at the Aanganwadi centre in Arizal, Jammu & Kashmir.

UNICEF strongly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts. We have a rich history of working with multi-national corporations, national companies and foundations

We work closely with private sector partners to identify, design and implement alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of the world’s children. We support companies to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business objectives.

UNICEF is proud that its private sector partners continue to make sound long-term investments in priorities for children, such as basic healthcare, nutrition, social protection, clean water, and education.

We are seeking new technical and financial collaborations with philanthropists and foundations operating in India so that we can transform the lives of more children.

By working together, companies, foundations and philanthropists help support UNICEF programmes and help advance issues vital to children.

Benefits of partnering with UNICEF

UNICEF offers private sector partners a unique opportunity to align with the world's most respected children's organization towards ensuring the health, education, equality and protection of every girl and every boy.

The most successful partnerships are multi-faceted and integrated into a company’s public affairs, philanthropic, marketing and communication strategies.

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Child rights and business

UNICEF encourages businesses to improve their value chain practices and effectively utilize their core assets, workforce and surrounding spaces to advance child rights. We also actively partner with the public and private sector to build businesses to deliver results for children.

UNICEF’s Child Rights and Business Principles are a strategic tool to improve the social impacts of business on child rights – especially around online safety, marketing to children, internet access and digital literacy.

We also promote family friendly workplace policies. These policies increase employee retention (by helping working parents, especially mothers), boost employee engagement and morale, make companies more competitive and attract talent, while improving brand image and taking companies closer to global sustainability standards. There is proof that investing in this area boosts profits and shareholder value.

If you want to know how to help children and help your business please contact Geetanjali Master

Current private sector partners

(In alphabetical order by type)

Strategic partners


Johnson & Johnson India

Mittal, Aditya and Megha

Padia, Purvi and Harsh

Teck Resources Pvt. Ltd


Unilever - Lifebuoy, Domestos and Dove





Georgia Pacific Cellulose

Louis Vuitton

Piramal Foundation

Power of Nutrition



Sun Foundation

Child rights and business






Generation Unlimited in India