Assessing Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

On the socio-economic situation of vulnerable Populations through community-based monitoring

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This report was generated as part of a longitudinal Community-Based Monitoring (CBM) mechanism, implemented in partnership with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and civil society volunteers to gather evidence directly from families affected by COVID-19.

A CBM mechanism, deploying remote data collection modalities, was thought to be the best strategy to gather primary data on the emerging situation as in-person data collection through a traditional sample survey was not possible given that adequate administrative data was unavailable.

The CBM aimed to capture the reality of socio-economically marginalized and vulnerable families, including pregnant and lactating women, mothers of children of different vulnerable age groups, and home returnees. The CBM gathered information from 12 districts in seven UNICEF programming states (affected by the pandemic, direct or indirectly) over a period of 8-9 months in four waves (rounds).

Assessing Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic
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