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Children In Egypt 2016

Children In Egypt 2016 is a national publication that aims to improve accessibility to existing official data in order to meet a wider range of user needs. It contains over 200 statistical tables organized in 15 thematic chapters, covering essential dimensions of child well-being. 

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Violent child discipline

  • 93 per cent of children have been subject to violent disciplinary practices by their parents/caregivers.


  • 78 per cent of children experienced physical punishment.


  • 79 per cent of children in the poorest wealth quintile of the population were exposed to physical disciplinary practices.


  • 58 per cent of parents think that physical punishment is unnecessary.


Religious Leaders Initiative



In today's world, families are confronted with different forms of violence that can harm children's physical, intellectual and moral development. Islam and Christianity stress the importance of protecting children from all forms of violence. The Muslim and Christian faiths place particular importance on the role of the family in raising children and protecting them from harm and violence. In this context, Al-Azhar University and the Coptic Church of Egypt have joined together with UNICEF to develop three publications to reflect the position of the two great religions on multiple aspects of violence against children.

Latest News

Statement from Mr.Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative in Egypt on children killed in a bus attack
CAIRO, 26 May 2017- “Our deepest condolences go to the families of those killed in the heartless attack this morning.

“The attack on a tour bus, killed 28 civilians including children and injured others in al-Minya Governorate, south of Cairo.
Our thoughts are with all those who were injured. We wish them a speedy recovery.

“In Egypt and around the world, children continue to bear the brunt of violence”.

“Enough! Attacks on children wherever they are must stop.”







National Iodine Survey Reports of Egypt 2014/2015

Iodine deficiency is the single greatest cause of preventable mental impairment globally and also causes many other adverse effects on growth and development due to inadequate thyroid hormone production.


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Ambassador Ahmed Helmy on Positive Parenting

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