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Children in Egypt: a Statistical Digest 2015

Children in Egypt
is a comprehensive review of key statistics on Egyptian children. It brings together a wide spectrum of data relevant to child wellbeing. This tool, which reflects the current situation of children in Egypt, aims to give professionals and the general public access to a comprehensive selection of the most recent and quality statistics that are available on children in Egypt. It contains over 200 statistical tables organized in 14 thematic chapters, covering essential dimensions of child wellbeing including survival, health, nutrition, access to water and sanitation, education, child protection and poverty.

To ensure its continued relevance, Children in Egypt, the Statistical Digest is updated every year, to reflect the release of new statistics from various sources. The 2015 edition reflects among others data from the 2014 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey, education statistics for the 2014-2015 school year, updated demographic data, and a comprehensive update of statistics on children from international data sources. 

Violent child discipline

  • 93 per cent of children have been subject to violent disciplinary practices by their parents/caregivers.


  • 78 per cent of children experienced physical punishment.


  • 79 per cent of children in the poorest wealth quintile of the population were exposed to physical disciplinary practices.


  • 58 per cent of parents think that physical punishment is unnecessary.


Together, we protect children from violence



In today's world, families are confronted with different forms of violence that can harm children's physical, intellectual and moral development. Islam and Christianity stress the importance of protecting children from all forms of violence. The Muslim and Christian faiths place particular importance on the role of the family in raising children and protecting them from harm and violence. In this context, Al-Azhar University and the Coptic Church of Egypt have joined together with UNICEF to develop three publications to reflect the position of the two great religions on multiple aspects of violence against children.

For the sake of their smiles



Parenting initiative for Egyptian, Migrant and Refugee Communities


This parenting programme has been developed as a companion to the guide written by UNICEF Egypt Child Protection Team, to help frontline workers in supporting refugee parents – Positively supporting refugee parents.


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End Violence Against Children

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