UNICEF maintained support to the National Vaccination and Immunization Program in Cuba in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The funds contributed by UNICEF Spain allowed the acquisition of 116,000 doses of the MMR vaccine, which were used to immunize 100% of one-year-old children

28 March 2022
UNICEF apoya al Programa ampliado de inmunización en Cuba con la compra de la vacuna PRS
Miguel E. Gómez

Havana, April 22, 2022.- UNICEF maintained support to the National Immunization Program in Cuba in 2021, through the acquisition of the triple viral vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). The support was also aimed at the distribution of personal protective equipment and supplies for the strengthening of the cold chain at primary healthcare institutions tasked with administering and handling vaccines; health promotion regarding the importance of vaccines for children and the strengthening of the capacities of professionals in charge of implementing this Program.

The collaboration of Iberia/Amadeus, the Albacete Provincial Council, the City Councils of Toledo and Guadalajara, the Island Council of Gran Canaria through UNICEF Spain allowed the purchase of 116,000 doses of the MMR vaccine –not produced in Cuba– which were used for the immunization of 100% of the one-year-old pediatric population.

The purchasing of vaccines not produced in Cuba has been a historical challenge for the country. The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the complicated economic situation the nation faces, made the acquisition of vaccines an even greater challenge.

The support of Island Council of Gran Canaria also enabled the delivery of materials and supplies which allowed maintaining adequate hygiene conditions at the locations where vaccination was conducted.  

With the donated funds by the Spanish public administrations, it was also possible to acquire equipment that strengthened the cold chain at healthcare institutions tasked with administering the vaccines, training the vaccination teams and carrying out awareness campaigns among the population.

The National Vaccination Program, which is universal and free, was not stopped in Cuba, not even during the most complicated period of COVID-19. This Program, started six decades ago, vaccinates the Cuban population (both children and adults) against 13 diseases. Among its most relevant results are the elimination of diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, polio and whooping cough; while others like tetanus and meningococcal disease do not constitute a public health problem, due to their low levels of incidence.

For UNICEF Cuba it is a priority to maintain the support to the National Immunization Program, with the accompaniment of the Spanish Committee, in order to give continuity to the country’s efforts for guaranteeing the health and well-being of Cuban children.

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