05 January 2024

Open Call Coloring Book Illustration Contest

We are looking for creative and inspiring illustrations that represent the freedom and power that girls have to choose their own profession without the limitations set up by gender stereotypes.  The illustrations should show the unlimited poten- tial that all people have to achieve their goals. If you love drawing and illustration, this is your…, INSTRUCTIONS, 1.    The contest is open to creative people of all ages, with no restrictions on nationality or geographic location. 2.    Participants under the age of 18 must have parental or legal guardian consent to participate. Submission of illustrations implies that such consent has been obtained. 3.    Each participant may submit a maximum of three…, SELECTION PROCEDURES AND AWARDS, 1.    Jury members are illustration experts and gender equality advocates. This team will evaluate all illustrations received and select those that best represent the fight against gender stereotypes, targeting girls, boys, teenagers, and youth. 2.    The winning illustrations will be collected in a digital coloring book; the credits of the person…, HOW TO APPLY, Send your illustrations by e-mail to tercerparaisocuba@gmail.com with the subject line Illustration Contest 2023. Attach the illustrations in digital format along with the requested information (full name, contact phone number, country and city of residence, title of the illustration and description of the idea or concept). Make sure your…
18 December 2023

Assess yourself with Mídete and change things up for nonviolence

If there’s one word that’s inherently linked to Mídete, a Cuban campaign against violence in childhood and adolescence, it is CHANGE: “The act, process or result of changing. Relating to the transformation of something or someone”. We are talking about changes that are more than necessary when 41.6% of a total of 8,603 children and adolescents…, Assess yourself with Mídete for change, The didactic, educational and communication resources proposed by a campaign such as Mídete support processes of social and behavioral change, while questioning people and their indifference, acceptance or naturalization of violent practices in the upbringing of children and adolescents. They question the tolerance to online violence and its…, Allies for change, In the course of the Mídete campaign, projects have been identified that focus their actions on educational and recreational activities for children and adolescents; others accompany families in their upbringing dynamics. Contacting their coordination and work teams and exchanging on the campaign’s axes has resulted in a fruitful union. Some of…, Tu taller, This is a Local Development Project based in Havana that, from the perspective of the visual arts, connects children with issues of their interest. At its headquarters, they organized a creative workshop under the Mídete call for the production of animated videos using the stop motion technique, in which the participating children identify…, Golden Kids, This Local Development Project dedicated to education in entrepreneurship during childhood has strengthened its partnerships with the Mídete campaign through events, participatory actions and workshops. The gender and inclusion approach runs across the design of their activities, so it is very practical for them to reflect the themes of the…, Reaching the communities, In accordance with the theory of change set out in the Mídete campaign, the strategies, channels or ways for convening and feedback have been diversified and complemented. This has made it possible to influence more children, adolescents, parents, other caregivers and key actors in the participatory processes that promote respectful upbringing and…, Small changes that mobilize, At the gates of its final stage, Mídete is approaching a crucial moment of learning to promote changes that benefit the well-being and development of children and adolescents in Cuba. Alliances, meeting spaces, an increasingly diverse voice and, above all, the generation and socialization of evidence are essential to address such a complex and…
08 November 2023

Prevention of child sexual abuse

What is sexual abuse?, Child sexual abuse is mediated by an unequal power relationship involving a child or adolescent as victim and an adult or peer as aggressor. It is a social and health problem and a violation of children’s rights. It affects, especially, the right to decide about their body and sexuality, the right to respect for privacy and intimacy and the right…, What can be done to avoid these situations?, It is essential to promote children and adolescents’ self-knowledge of the body and its different parts, including private parts, so that they know how to name them appropriately. It will help them to distinguish the types of caresses, the emotions and feelings they provoke: embarrassment, joy, anguish, fear, delight, displeasure and pleasure. To…, Assess yourself in the face of child sexual abuse, Evaluate your practices for preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. Award one point for each positive response: -You pay attention to the signs you identify in the child or adolescent in your care that may indicate discomfort or that something is not right. -You apply non-sexist upbringing guidelines to avoid traditional behaviors, roles…, Now check your answers!, - I educate, love and share a violence-free space: Congratulations if you managed to score 10 or 11 points, it is a sign that you contribute to preventing and acting against child sexual abuse. - I have to make adjustments: if your score is between 5 and 9 points, consider what you need to incorporate in your daily educational or parenting…, Publications about Prevention of child sexual abuse, Multimedia, Características del abuso sexual infantil Características del abuso sexual infantil UNICEF Cuba A dónde dirigirse en caso de acoso o abuso sexual infantil A dónde dirigirse en caso de acoso o abuso sexual infantil UNICEF Cuba Efectos del abuso sexual infantil Efectos del abuso sexual infantil UNICEF Cuba Mitos sobre el abuso sexual infantil Mitos…, Prevention of child sexual abuse on Social Media,