Equipped premises for the implementation of activities with parents and children in Podturen

Support for families and children at risk of poverty and social exclusion

Društveni dom Podturen
26 November 2021

In order to provide children and families living at risk of poverty and social exclusion with adequate premises where they can receive expert support, UNICEF Croatia, in cooperation with IKEA Croatia, has equipped the premises in the Community Centre in Podturen Municipality, in Međimurje County. In the newly equipped premises experts will provide early intervention services and carry out activities for children and families in need, such as parenting support programs and educational workshops for preschool children. Through play and learning, experts will work with children and parents to stimulate children’s development and reduce possible risks. The equipped premises are part of the pilot program "Phase III: Testing the Child Guarantee" implemented by the UNICEF Office for Croatia in cooperation with implementing partners and funded by the European Union. 


Društveni dom Podturen
Društveni dom Podturen

The premises in the Community Centre in Podturen were equipped with furniture, drawing accessories and didactic toys that enhance creativity, social skills, and logical thinking in children. In total, IKEA donated 230 products of total value of more than HRK 30,000.  

Društveni dom Podturen

Regina M. Castillo, Representative of the UNICEF Office for Croatia, said: “The first years are the most important years in a child’s life as they influence brain development and his/her future wellbeing. 

Scientific research shows that with timely stimulation in the first years of a child's life, we can provide the building blocks for a healthier and happier life. In the newly equipped premisses, experts will work with children to encourage their learning and develop their skills as well as help parents perform their difficult role of parents."

Thanks to the donation from IKEA Croatia company, which has supported the work of UNICEF in Croatia on several occasions, we have equipped and furnished facilities for individual and group work with families and children", concluded Regina Castillo. 

With the main aim of reducing child poverty and social exclusion for all children across the European Union, the European Commission, in partnership with UNICEF, is implementing a pilot-program "Phase III: Testing the Child Guarantee" in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.

Croatia was given the opportunity to pilot programme Testing of the EU Child Guarantee, in cooperation with the European Commission and UNICEF, to work on solving child poverty and social exclusion. To develop new service models and best practices for children and their families, UNICEF will use its experience, partnerships and capacities by modeling integrated multidisciplinary, adequately funded family and community services in Medjimurje County, a region with limited access to child protection and family support services. UNICEF's approach includes three components: access to integrated child protection and family support services, access to early childhood education and access to integrated and coordinated early childhood intervention services.



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