PHILIPS and UNICEF: together for Sisak-Moslavina county

A donation for General Hospital in Sisak and Health centre in Petrinja

09 April 2021
PHILIPS i UNICEF zajedno za Sisačko-moslavačku županiju
dr. Višnja Grgurić-Štimac, Lela Maček, Tomislav Dujmenović, Regina M. Castillo, Roderick Jeroen Richter, Miroslav Šaban

Zagreb, 9 April 2021 – To support UNICEF's efforts of providing help for the health services in Sisak-Moslavina County impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and the earthquake at the end of last year, Philips Croatia, in partnership with Iceberg International Trading, donated to UNICEF 6 mobile monitors for monitoring patient’s vital signs. UNICEF will deliver monitors to the General Hospital in Sisak and to the Health Centre in Petrinja. The mobile monitors for vital signs enable continuous monitoring of the patient's condition, both while in bed and during transportation, and it offers a wide and scalable set of clinical measurements. 

On the occasion of the donation handover to the hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedišić”, Tomislav Dujmenović, Head of the General Hospital in Sisak said: “In the devastating earthquake that happened on 29 December, 2020, the hospital "Dr. Ivo Pedišić” suffered a great damage. Hospital buildings, medical equipment, inventory, and medical supplies were all damaged. As time passes, we try to organize and provide the highest possible level of health care to all residents of Sisak-Moslavina County. It will certainly take a lot of effort, time, and resources for the hospital to start working at its full capacity again. Therefore, we are grateful to UNICEF and Philips for the donation that will help us to rebuild and rehabilitate the hospital, but also to continue to further develop the hospital." 


donirana oprema


The situation caused by the new coronavirus is a major challenge for everyone working in healthcare, in Croatia, and across the globe, while the earthquake at the end of the last year additionally heavily impacted local communities as well as healthcare entities” said Miroslav Saban, Head of Government & Public Affairs, Philips Central and Easter Europe and Russia.We are working restlessly to support healthcare professionals to enable access to remote screening and monitoring solutions. In these times more than ever, it is essential that we acknowledge the importance of healthcare digitalization and understand the power of solidarity and community. I would also like to emphasise Philips appreciation to all the healthcare professionals, non-governmental organizations, and everyone who contributes to the health of the Croatian society!” 

Aiming to protect children and families UNICEF has been involved in strengthening the health system since the beginning of the crisis in Sisak-Moslavina County and is continuously working to improve health services. UNICEF has donated protective equipment (overalls, visors and masks) to health facilities in the county to help deal with the effects of the pandemic, and in cooperation with partners and donors, UNICEF has provided two containers for the Sisak Health Centre and four containers and professional medical equipment to the General Hospital in Sisak. UNICEF also supported the work of the Association of Persons with Disabilities of Sisak-Moslavina County, the only association within the social welfare system in the county that provides support to children with disabilities and their families, with more than HRK 360,000. 

"One of our priorities in the earthquake affected areas is to provide quality health services for children and families. Donations from our corporate donors greatly help us achieve this goal because by jointing resources, experiences, and knowledge we achieve maximum impact. I would like to thank Philips from the bottom of my heart, whose donation will help raise the standard of health care in these demanding times, especially for the residents of Sisak-Moslavina County who need our continuous support to recover from such a traumatic event ” said Regina Castillo, UNICEF Representative in Croatia. 


Regina M. Castillo, dr. Snježana Prodanović, Miroslav Šaban (ZLukunic)


Renata Stanešić, acting director of the Health Centre in Petrinja, also thanked for the valuable donation: “I believe this donation will greatly help the work of our paediatric clinic and thus increase the quality of health care for children from the area of Glina and Topusko. It is a great pleasure to notice that we are not alone in this terrible trouble that has befallen us and that there are still those who think of us and are aware of the fact that we still need help, even though three months have passed since the earthquake, and that we will need help for a long time to come.” 



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