UNICEF: The most vulnerable children in Bulgaria need your support

On June 1, the International Children’s Day, the United Nations Children’s Fund launches a donation campaign

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UNICEF Bulgaria/2017

While alarming facts show the existence of big challenges, those can be addressed with the regular support of UNICEF’S donors and partners

Sofia, June 1, 2017 – UNICEF Bulgaria is launching a fund-raising campaign under the motto “Change History”. The selected message aims to draw the public attention to the problems of the most vulnerable children in the country and intensify public awareness of every child’s right to a family environment, education, care and protection from violence. The campaign portrays girls and boys as characters of a bleak fairy tale and urges the organization’s like-minded partners – persons and companies that can be advocates of children’s rights – to assume the role of the “good force”, which offers assistance and hope for a better future.

Everyone willing can support the cause by making a one-time donation on-line or become a BENEFACTOR by making monthly donations to UNICEF via the campaign’s webpage.

The funds raised will assist the welfare of the children in Bulgaria. While alarming facts show the existence of big challenges, those can be addressed with the regular support of UNICEF’S donors and partners:

:: Over 500,000 children live at risk of poverty. 
:: Some 2,000 children are separated from their families every year. Over 1,000 boys and girls still live in residential care institutions. 
:: 3,158 cases of violence against children were reported in Bulgaria in 2016. Thousands of other cases remain uncovered by the official statistics. 
:: Every year, around 1,000 children do not go to school at all. 
:: In the 2015/2016 school year, 16,400 school children dropped out of general education schools, of whom 14,300 of primary schools.

Sources: the National Statistical Institute, the Social Assistance Agency


With its activity and owing to the regular support of donors and partners, UNICEF Bulgaria brings childhood back into the life of hundreds of the most vulnerable boys and girls in the country. In the past 2016, the organization was a main driving engine behind a number of positive changes, including:

Over 2,300 girls and boys have received care by foster families. 

Family consultative centres supported by UNICEF have helped 606 children in getting access to kindergartens, healthcare and education. 


The organization-supported Centres for Maternity and Child Health in Sliven and Shoumen have provided assistance and care to 6,400 families and have enhanced the skills of over 350 parents through the “Workshop for Parents” initiative


The Child Advocacy Centersset up in the towns of Montana, Shoumen and Sofia as a result of a UNICEF campaign, as well as partners and donors have provided support to 164 children – victims of violence.

Let’s move forward together!

Children are the future but they need care and support now – their rights and welfare cannot wait!