Sunny Ivena and her friends from the group "Sun"

One day at Kitka Day Care Kindergarten, supported by UNICEF

Ivaylo Spasov
Ивена е момиче с детска церебрална парализа, но с подкрепата на УНИЦЕФ, тя е щастлива, че учи и играе заедно със своите връстници от детската градина.
UNICEF Bulgaria/2015
25 July 2018

Very often children with special needs don’t have access to quality education and lack socialization in kindergartens and then at school – due to prejudices, lack of understanding and supportive environment.

But Ivena is not one of these kids, thanks to its friends and UNUCEF’s efforts to build an inclusive environment for children with specific needs and disabilities.

She is a radiant child of a sunny disposition – that’s why the “Sun” Group of Kitka Day Care Kindergarten in the town of Novi Pazar suits her.

Ivena smiles at the kindergarten where she can learn and play together with her peers
UNICEF Bulgaria/2016
Ivena shines when she is at the kindergarten! With the support of UNICEF many children with special needs and disabilities like her study and play with their peers.

All children are special – Ivena is also a special girl in need of some more special care in order to develop physically and mentally. This happens with the help of a very special Mom and a very special tutor in one very special room (also known as a resource lab). Yes, Ivena is a very special child. 

With their help, she is learning practical and creative skills – like, for example, how to build a beautiful lake using modelling clay.

Ivena's teacher and mother are helping her to draw in the kindergarten, supported by UNICEF
UNICEF Bulgaria/2016
With the help of trained specialists, children with specific needs and disabilities can participate fully in the learning process.

After classes in the kindergarten’s resource lab, Ivena joins her friends in the group – they have been expecting her eagerly.

They shower her with her favorite toys...

Then they start dancing around her, making sure she is right in the middle of the circle, thus showing her their affection and appreciation.

Ivena plys with her peers at the kindergarten. They love to play with her and everybody brings her toys.
UNICEF Bulgaria/2016

Kitka Day Care Kindergarten is among the 30 selected kindergartens where UNICEF and partners are building an inclusive environment for children with special needs and disabilities. For the complete list of kindergartens see here.