Ukraine Refugee Response in Bulgaria - June 2023

UNICEF Bulgaria Factsheet

Лена, живееща в София с тримата си невръстни синове и професията й на фотограф в Киев й помага бързо да намери реализация, документирайки ежедневието в центъра за подкрепа на бежанци на фондация "За доброто"
UNICEF Bulgaria/2023/Stoykov


UNICEF Bulgaria Factsheet on Ukraine Refugee Response for June 2023 outlines the latest updates on the situation of Ukrainian refugee children in Bulgaria and support provided by UNICEF

The war in Ukraine continues to trigger refugee movements across Europe, with many Ukrainian families facing significant challenges in meeting their needs. Key challenges remain for Ukrainian refugees to find long-term accommodation, school enrollment, and integration into the local education system, as well as access to adequate health and social services, especially for the most vulnerable refugees.

To reach affected children and families from Ukraine, UNICEF has scaled up its humanitarian support by providing supplies and services, building the capacity of frontline responders, and supporting national systems in close coordination with the government, UN agencies, donor community, and civil society organizations, including:

  • 843,338 people reached through messaging on prevention and access to services
  • 22,660  people with access to safe spaces, protection and support hubs
  • 40,988 children receiving learning materials

More details on UNICEF Refugee Response in the first half of 2023 are available in the June issue of the Factsheet


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