23,500 new pledge donors supported UNICEF at the start of ‘Your face sounds familiar for every child’

Almost 900,000 viewers watched the first live of the mini charity season of the show on NOVA

15 February 2023
Тити Папазов и Васко на сцената на Като две капки вода за всяко дете
UNICEF Bulgaria/2023/Yotova

SOFIA, 13 February 2023  The mini charity season of  ‘Your face sounds familiar For Every Child’, organized jointly by Nova Broadcasting Group and UNICEF Bulgaria, started with impressive results. Over 23,500 new pledge donors stood behind the cause ‘Protection for every child’, focused on prevention and child protection from violence.

The UN Children's Fund recalls the alarming results of a national representative study* on violence against children in Bulgaria, according to which every second child has experienced some form of violence. Thanks to the donors, the functioning of three child advocacy and support centers ‘Zona ZaKrila’ in Sofia, Shumen and Montana will be supported. Part of the funds raised will help the children and families affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The duet performances of the eight celebrities with eight talented children on the first night of ‘Your face sounds familiar For Every Child’ excited nearly 900,000 TV spectators. Almost 40% of all TV viewers at that time chose the special edition of their favorite show. The winners of the night were Titi Papazov and 8-year-old Vasil Kanev with their emotional impersonation of Emil Dimitrov and the song ‘If you have given’. ‘I am here to infect you with kindness in these three days,’ said Titi Papazov.

Orlin Pavlov, Lyubo Kirov, Vladimir-Ampov-Grafa and the talented children from ‘Bon-Bon’ kick-started the show with a performance of their favorite song ‘Together’. Then the three presenters – Ani Salich, Dimitar Rachkov and Gerasim Georgiev-Gero welcomed on stage the special jury of the charity season Iliana Raeva, Vesko Eshkenazy, Nikolay Doynov and Magardich Halvadjian.

Kalin Vrachanski and Alexander Markov performed first on stage by impersonating Ray Charles. Then Krassi Radkov and Georgi Tsvetanov excited the audience with King Africa's  ‘Bomba’. Titi Papazov and Vasil Kanev thrilled the spectators with the emotional performance of "If You Have Given" by the great Emil Dimitrov. Titi Papazov and Vasil Kanev were excited with their emotional performance of ‘If You Have Given’ by the great Emil Dimitrov. The first female duo to take the stage were Maggie Dzhanavarova and Bogomila Yaneva, who had mastered every movement of Tina Turner. Nencho Balabanov and Georgi Dimkin impersonated Enrique Iglesias, and immediately after them Vicky Terziyska and Alina Dancheva performed the song ‘I play in style’ by Maria Ilieva. Two of the ladies challenged themselves with a male character – Lucy and Elizabeth Kirova became the King of pop Michael Jackson. At the end of the evening, DesiSlava and Elena Vasileva gave the audience goosebumps with their touching performance of Stefka Sabotinova's folklore song ‘The mountain has overturned’.

Tonight, at 20 h, on NOVA the mini charity season ‘Your face sounds familiar for every child’ continues with the cause devoted to children who cannot speak so that they have the opportunity to communicate and learn. The cause called ‘A voice for every child’ aims to raise the necessary funds with which UNICEF will directly support another 500 children in Bulgaria, including by providing them with personal tools of communication. Another 1,500 teachers, professionals and parents from all over the country will be trained to use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools, such as the free-of-charge Cboard application. UNICEF will also begin to develop a programme to build capacity on a national and regional level to expand the model in all 28 districts of the country.

Nova Broadcasting Group supported UNICEF's campaign to help the population affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. During the three nights of the mini charity season of ‘Your face sounds familiar for every child’ on NOVA, one lev from each SMS donation received during the show will support the children and families affected by the earthquakes.

*The national study on violence against children in Bulgaria was commissioned by UNICEF, and designed and implemented by Coram International, with data collection carried out by research consultancy ESTAT. This is the first comprehensive research in Bulgaria that includes data on any type of violence against children, in any type of environment, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of services for preventing and responding to violence against children. The objectives of the study were to provide a comprehensive and nationally representative picture of the current situation with respect to attitudes, knowledge, beliefs and practices concerning violence against children; to estimate the prevalence of VAC in Bulgaria, broken down by different ‘types’ of violence and the settings in which they occur, and explore the associated risk and protective factors to identify more vulnerable groups of children. Violence against children can and must be prevented.

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