The #InternetWithoutBullying campaign continues: MTS and UNICEF signed a new agreement on cooperation

MTS and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Belarus continue to work to prevent cyberbullying among children and adolescents. The new agreement was signed on February 8, World Safer Internet Day

10 February 2022
Команда ЮНИСЕФ в Беларуси и МТС после подписания соглашения о сотруднечестве

MTS and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Belarus will continue working on the prevention of cyberbullying among children and adolescents. A new cooperation agreement was signed on February 8 – the Safer Internet Day.

In 2022, MTS and UNICEF Belarus will focus on highlighting the problem of cyberbullying by disseminating more materials and tools and making them more accessible to children, adolescents, teachers and parents. Therefore it is planned to hold a number of large-scale events in all regions of Belarus. The #InternetWithoutBullying project will be the base for cooperation and it will be further developed.

"MTS is a corporate citizen, that's why we put a lot of efforts to comprehensively and consistently implement various programs in this field. The signing of a new agreement with UNICEF is the next step in promoting safe behavior among children in the digital space, the work that we have been doing for many years. We see the result, and we will continue promoting various tools to help the young generation develop a culture of ethical communication on the Internet."

Vladislav Andreichenko, MTS Director General
Tanja Radocaj and Vladislav Andreichenko
UNICEF Belarus/2022/MTC
Tanja Radocaj and Vladislav Andreichenko.

"Since 2018, we have been working with MTS to make the Internet safer for children and adolescents. At the beginning, we couldn't imagine how acute this problem would become in five years when the entire planet would go online due to the pandemic. We are grateful to MTS for their work and raising the issue of cyberbullying. At the new stage of cooperation, we hope that together we will be able to study all aspects of children's use of the Internet, identify new threats and find ways to solve new problems together."

Tanja Radocaj, UNICEF Representative in Belarus

MTS and UNICEF have been cooperating for a number of years. Within the framework of the #InternetWithoutBullying campaign videos and test simulators were created in 2021 in order to help learn more about cyberbullying, teach children, parents and teachers how to behave safely online.

The content of these videos and tests was based on real stories of children who had experienced online bullying, and it was further elaborated by psychologists. The videos have been viewed over 210,000 times since their launch on the MTS YouTube channel in February 2021.

In addition, the #InternetWithoutBullying joint campaign of MTS and UNICEF Belarus was highly appreciated by professionals at prestigious international competitions both in the country and abroad.

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