MTS and UNICEF created an anti-bullying workbook for children and adolescents

24 May 2022
Воркбук про антикибербуллинг для детей и подростков.
UNICEF Belarus/2022

MTS and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Belarus presented a workbook "How to protect yourself from bullying on the Internet and not become a hater yourself" in the zine format for children and adolescents. The presentation of the workbook took place at the festival "School Free from Violence (Bullying)" at the National Children's Educational and Health Center Zubrenok. The workbook can be downloaded for free on the MTS website.

About 200 children from 26 schools from all over Belarus, who participated in the festival, received the workbook.

The workbook "How to protect yourself from online bullying and not become a hater yourself" explains what cyberbullying is and how to prevent it. The information in the manual is clearly presented, and after each piece of information there are creative and practical exercises. Using specific examples, as well as some suggestive questions and tasks, children and adolescents will learn how to avoid bullying on the Internet, and what to do if an unpleasant situation does occur.

When creating the workbook, the authors used training videos and simulator tests from #InternetWithoutBullying – a joint project of MTS and UNICEF. Illyana Matviyenko, psychologist, specialist on working with teenagers, and Olga Korsun, head of the Netka.by – Internet safety for children in Belarus project, took part in developing the manual. They helped to work out the content, adapt it for the target audience and create exercises. The visual part also plays an important role in the workbook. Unique and memorable illustrations for it were created by artist Natalia Grebenkina.

Tatyana Kolos, psychologist, addressed the participants of the workbook presentation, which was held in the format of a workshop. She introduced children and teenagers to the problem of cyberbullying, told them what forms virtual aggression can take, what traumatic consequences the participants might face, including those who only observe the bullying from a distance.

Then Andrey Sidorenko, Head of Children's Online Security at Kaspersky Lab, joined the online workshop. He told participants about how to set a social media account correctly and shared some technical tricks for security on the Internet.

The workbook can already be downloaded for free on the MTS website. In addition, the printed version will be distributed at UNICEF and MTS events dedicated to the prevention of cyberbullying.

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