Realising Children’s Rights through Social Policy in Europe and Central Asia

A Compendium of UNICEF’s Contributions (2014—2020)

Ребенок играет в ЦРВ
UNICEF Belarus/2023


UNICEF’s Europe and Central Asia Region (ECAR)1 is diverse and dynamic, comprising 22 countries which range from low- to high-income, contain among the world’s largest and smallest populations, and are in various stages of the demographic transition. Children, adolescents, and youths in the region face unique challenges that have the potential to derail their opportunities. There is a strong tradition of social and public policies aimed at reducing poverty and deprivation in the region, and these have an important role to play in addressing the vulnerabilities associated with childhood and adolescence. Globally, UNICEF has significantly increased its engagement in Social Policy over the past decade.

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